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company started in November 2016 with an objective to provide Scientific Water Storage Tank cleaning services at Delhi. We have started our journey by cleaning of the Water tank of 500 Litre capacity and now we have cleaned more than 40 million Litre Capacity of Water Tank within a span of 20 months.

Water Tank cleaning in a regular interval is important for the health of entire residents of your prestigious apartment. A neglected Water Storage Tank can be a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and pollutants. Thus, paving the way for the entry of Water- borne diseases into their home and affecting the health of their family members. Hence, we recommend that Water Storage Tank must be cleaned at least in every 3-6 month's interval to prevent Water-borne diseases. Besides being very competitively priced; we also had an opportunity to serve some of the prestigious private as well as government clients at Delhi.

Our 3  stages water tank cleaning process using state-of-the-art imported instruments is well appreciated everywhere. Please visit our photo gallery and video section of Water Tank Cleaning as well as our other products and services.

The Tank Cleaning process Involves 6 steps:

The 6 stage water tank clean process has been developed through research and development to arrive at a fool-proof process that involves latest state-of-the-art imported equipment

Stage I

Mechanized Dewatering

In the First stage of Mechanized Dewatering of the water tank clean process the Manhole and surroundings are cleaned off dirt, mud and algae after which the water below the foot-valve level is pumped out using special de-watering equipments.

Stage II

Sludge Removal

In the Second Stage of Sludge Removal the sludge which has settled on the floor of the tank is sucked out using our special sludge pumping equipments

Stage III

High Pressure Cleaning

In the Third Stage of High Pressure Cleaning the Walls & ceilings of the tanks are thoroughly cleaned using special high pressure jet cleaners which rid of the walls off calcinations, algae and all contaminants which cling on the internal surface of the tank helping the microbiological contamination to grow.

Stage IV

Vacuum Cleaning

In the Fourth stage of the sludge removal process an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is used to remove the resultant contaminants, making the tank absolutely speck-free.
Stage V

Anti-bacterial Spray

In the Fifth very important Stage of Anti-bacterial treatment the walls & ceilings are made totally sterile from bacterial attack using specially developed from Antibacterial agents.

Stage VI

UV Radiation

And finally in the Sixth Stage of the water tank clean process final sterilization and disinfection is done using UV Radiation by a specially developed UV Radiator which is used to kill any suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank.

This full procedure makes the tank 100% Bacteria free and makes it perfectly fit for storing clean drinking water. The above process is common for both the Underground and Overhead drinking water storage tanks and can be used for all types of tanks like Concrete Tanks, Fabricated Steel tanks, Plastic (Sintex Type) Tanks etc.

Our professional system also includes maintaining of computerised records of all the tanks which have been cleaned and scheduling of next cleaning operations etc. thus removing the total responsibility off the residents of any particular building to make their life totally healthy and tension free.

The total process and the unique combination of the special water tank clean Anti-bacterial agents and UV Radiation used in the process of cleaning and Disinfection of the drinking water tanks is totally a novel feature of this cleaning process developed, tried and tested by us for the first time in India. If this process is used by all the residents of multi-storied buildings they would never have any health related problems arising out of water-borne diseases (provided the water supplied by the authorities is of Potable Quality)

Water tank cleaning is not a single process but a combination of different processes to make our tanks free from infections, muds, dust, and algae growth. Depending on the type of your water tank, the water tank cleaning services may vary. this process consists of various tasks that are important to be done. Let’s discuss some important water tank cleaning practiced briefly below.

Check List

  •  Mechanized Dewatering
  •  Sludge Removal and Scrubbing of Wall
  •  High Pressure Water Jet Washing (Above 10KL)
  •  Remove Remaining Sludge With Vacuum Cleaner
  •  UV Light Treatment (Above 10KL)

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List of Water Tank Cleaning Services in Delhi, Reviews, Map, Address, Phone Number, Contact Number, local, popular Water Tank Cleaning Services, top Water Tank Cleaning Services
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